You’re entitled to have unlimited use of our team, however we’re not responsible for if you’re never happy, we do our best to ensure you’re happy and that’s why we allow unlimited revisions and unlimited concepts, however if at any point in time, you feel that we’re not meeting your vision, you’re more than welcome to walk away and cancel your membership.

Design is incredibly subjective.

If you want to continue with us, that’s AMAZING. icon_smile

If it’s not working out and you want to cancel, then that’s fine too! We understand when personalities or Creative Interests clash and/or we’re just not in alignment professionally or personally.  icon_smile

We will always send you all your files and help you move on to another company if you choose.  icon_smile

Unlike a lot of design companies out there that charge per concept or per revision we’re not here to rip anyone off. Hence it being a subscription based model allowing unlimited use of our services, allowing us to keep working until you’re 100% thrilled.  icon_smile

You’re not paying for a product, a logo, a website, a certain design, a particular piece of stationery, a revision. You’re paying for the use of our team that can provide digital products to you.

Therefor, each membership payment is deemed as services rendered.

You can have as many revisions as you like until you’re happy! icon_smile It’s important to understand though, that as long as you’re making revisions, the time-frame of having an end digital product is going to be stretched out.

You’re entitled to contact us however you wish! And we will always have a maximum 24 hour turn around time on communication back, and commencing any design requests within that 24 hour time-frame also. icon_smile

We understand that sometimes, things might be urgent, and we’ll always do our best to make sure we address urgent tasks as soon as possible.

We’re not here 24 hours a day, and do not have a team available at current to work around the clock. You’re allocated a specific Creative Director for your projects, and they need sleep and a couple of days off here and there. icon_smile

We DO NOT work of time-frames in the example phrasing of. “It will take 6 weeks until completion”

Because our business model is one of a kind, we allow unlimited use of our services, until you’re 100% happy. Meaning, we can only tell you how long each phase takes at our end meaning;

Design Concepts: 3 Business Days
Design Revisions: 2 Business Days
Coding: 2 Business days to code each page design.

If for example, you have send us a design request, and we’ve sent you your design concepts within 2 business days, and you spend time reviewing and getting back to us, and say for example you got back to us 6 weeks later, you have no right to mention to us that the ‘design process for said task’ has taken 6 weeks to complete.

If the ball was last left on your side of the court, than that is not our responsibility to follow you up, we understand business people are busy, as are we.

Existing website tweaks: Each website is very different so we’re unable to provide any underlying example of how long it takes to do revisions on an existing website, some may be quick, some may take a while.

Delays: Of course sometimes we may have a heavy influx of clients, and sometimes we may be quicker than predicted. The above time-frames are of course just a guideline and by any-means not an absolute guarantee. icon_smile

We’re quick, extremely quick, a lot quicker than most other companies, and majority of the time a lot quicker than the time-frames mentioned above, but… we do need to protect ourselves when it comes to these Terms and Conditions. icon_smile

A concept is an initial draft, and you can have as many of these as you like! icon_smile However, we do work of a limited amount of concepts at one time, 1) to protect our resources, and 2) to also make sure that we’re getting feedback from what you love and what you don’t love so much.

This allows us to be more effective each time we provide concepts to you.

We have phases, meaning, design phase, and then coding phases. icon_smile

We cannot start development of your website until we have received your 100% approval on the design files, which can take some revisions at your end. icon_smile

We cannot start a website design or stationery design phases, until you’re 100% happy with your logo… because that’s what is going to go on everything. icon_smile

If you turn out to become crazy, and unrealistic, like a needy ex who’s sitting outside waiting for our lights to turn off, we may not want to hang out with you anymore, thousands of calls, texts, and emails may just end up driving us away, and we may wish to start another relationship with someone who’s more in alignment with our needs.

You deserve to be happy too, and it might be best if we have a bit of a break before we try and be friends again…

It’s not you, it’s us. I just don’t feel like it’s working out.

You can cancel whenever you like! No minimum term! icon_smile Also, if we feel like you’re extremely unpleasant to deal with, we also hold the right to no longer work with you.

If for whatever reason, you decide to cancel your subscription with us, we cannot guarantee the same subscription price will be the same if you wish to come back.

Any images we use are always stock images, and you’re more than welcome to provide your own images / photography, as we only use royalty free images that we can dig up based on your specifications. We do not have a library for you to browse through.

We do not hold any rights to any of the images that we use on our websites or anything designed by us, we do use free images which are royalty free for any of the photo’s for display on your website. We do recommend and instruct that you purchase or provide your own photos as we do not hold any responsibility for any consequences that could arise from the photos displayed on your website once your website is published.

Before a website goes live, we provide a testing link of the coded / developed website, this is a great opportunity for you to sift through any last revisions or missing content before the site goes live.

However, some clients do prefer to make the website live, and then make revisions. We make the site live only once you want it to go live. icon_smile

It’s extremely unethical for us to create accounts for our clients, such as Google accounts, Dropbox accounts, Facebook Business Pages, or anything of the sort.

We’re happy to take care of what we do best, design and development. We cannot, not anyone else should create these accounts for you. However we can design and develop anything you require to go on these accounts. icon_smile

In the event that you become a Zombie, we’re not liable for if you’re unable to stop any of your recurring payments, you’re more than welcome to continue utilising our services as long as you promise to not cause any harm ourselves, staff, clients or any affiliated penguins.

We do ALL on-page Search Engine optimisation, all the stuff that’s important to Google for your ranking, like compressing your website to make sure it loads faster, embedding robot.txt, meta tags, alt tags. All that technical jargon.

On a side note: We truly believe off-page Search Engine Optimisation is a complete waste of money, please don’t go and spend hundreds of dollars each month for ranking reports.

When companies say they can promise you the first page of Google, it’s based on the keywords they choose, which may not get you very many clicks, they say this to suck you in! Don’t fall for it! We truly believe off-page SEO costs more and is less effective than other marketing strategies you could be putting your money into.

No one can promise amazing conversions with SEO, hence why we only take care of what’s needed to get your site actually on Google, the rest is a bit of a rabbit hole.

We can’t, and no other company can promise you number 1 on Google.

If we find out you’re using our services for something we think is unethical we may breakup with you immediately, and withhold any files that we feel could be used for something nasty.

When booking appointments, please know we do everything we can to accept your initial proposed time, however sometimes it might take some tossing around appointment times to lock one in.

If you call our consultants without an appointment we can’t guarantee that they will be available to answer your call, if you do call ‘off the cuff’ we may need to use this time to make an appointment to talk about your specific project as our consultants could be in the middle of dealing with other clients projects at that time.

The best way to schedule your appointment is for you to send through 3x times with 3x days, if your project manager is free on any of those days, they will reply back confirming one of those times. Alternatively your project manager or branding consultant will send back an alternative 3x times. Booking times can be outside of business hours, and even at crazy hours of the day as long as both the consultant and client agree. icon_smile

In the event that you need to change your appointment time, this needs to be addressed with the person or persons that you have your appointment with, if requests are sent to our social media, or any other 3rd party, we cannot guarantee that your message will be reached by the consultant you have made your appointment with.

When cancelling or rescheduling appointments please provide three alternative times that could suit you, if suitable your consultant will either choose one of those times, alternatively they will provide three other times for your selection from a 7 seven day period of the original appointment time. Basically the scheduling time game begins all over again. icon_smile

During this time, it’s a great idea to try and clarify your points as much as possible via e-mail, so we can keep the design process moving forward so you don’t experience any delays.

Time is the most valuable resource we have, and we prefer to do everything over e-mail, however we can do meetings on request as it’s a part of the membership service.

Do keep in mind that we do not do, regular scheduled meetings, due to working across 16 countries and their internal time-zones w/ over 21,000 active clients. It’s impossible for us to have regular meetings, we/ the price point we’re sitting at for our monthly service. This is just not a part of our service.

We do not hold any responsibility for any unlawful acts that take place after the launch of the website, if our legal team deems the use of your website could be used for anything unlawful we will have to receive legal documentation permitting the use of this website for whatever reason, if unavailable and the client refuses to change the nature of their business we hold the right to terminate and discontinue the project, all work completed to date will be released to the client, any obligations from us to the client will be terminated, if we believe the website or files sent could be used for illegal purposes we hold every right to alert the necessary authorities and/or parties.

In the event any one or more of the provisions of this agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall be unimpaired and the Agreement shall not be void for this reason alone. Such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a mutually acceptable valid, legal and enforceable provision, which comes closest to the intention of the parties underlying the invalid.

Per project we will have communication with only 1 sole project manager of the business we’re dealing with, we refuse to deal with multiple people, for obvious reasons… however, for clarity.

Whenever dealing with multiple people it’s certainly like ‘Chinese Whispers’ and also people sometimes forget to pass things onto a 3rd party, which results in unnecessary blame being thrown around.

To avoid any errors in communication, we only work with one contact person / project manager per project.

We do absolutely everything we can to match the client’s specifications during the design and development phase, however sometimes we’re limited, either by, it being impossible to do, or… somebody else has taken that idea and is now selling the code for it on a digital marketplace like Envato, Creative Market or any other site, this is in rare scenarios however, sometimes it happens.

We’re more than happy to code in the work of other developers or purchased plug ins, however the cost of the additional plug ins are not our responsibility, and nor will be purchase the code or files on your behalf.

You’re leasing our services, however we do not purchase anything on your behalf.

Meaning, if you want someone else’s work to be coded on your website, and we’re legally not able to duplicate what you have seen on a digital marketplace, you’ll need to purchase the product, rights and/or code and provide the files to us so we can code it into your website..

This document and the procedures resulting in implementation from this procedure will be reviewed annually and/or as determined by the PZ Quality Review Schedule.

It’s your responsibility to keep yourself up to date on our terms and conditions which can be reviewed and updated at any point in time.

Reviews and alterations to these terms and conditions could happen without any notice given

Last reviewed and updated: February 26th, 2016.

If you’re a part of our membership program, our debiting system will perform the debit monthly from the date of your sign up, if your bank has declined the payment for whatever reason we will attempt the debit automatically a few days after the reattempt, this is an automatic process performed by our 3rd party company called Braintree who are owned by Paypal, we nor them know exactly what time the debits are performed.

Regarding your account and work being performed, work won’t be effected until your account is about 2 weeks overdue, however we will do everything we can to notify you of your overdue balances so your website that’s hosted with us, or the work you’re currently getting done through us isn’t affected.  

We use dropbox links to deliver all our files, so that way we avoid junk mail filters, and also e-mail accounts rejecting large file types. When memberships are cancelled it’s important that you’ve saved all your files on your server, as cancellation of membership does also mean cancellation of hosting and the space you have on our servers.

You don’t need a dropbox account for this, this costs you nothing, we just simply… send a link and you download the files from there. :-) If you’re a member you’re more than welcome to ask for any particular file type.

We do this because some e-mail accounts hate attachments, and we had to resort to this due to clients often saying they didn’t receive attachments when we sent them, or being unable to open the attachments, or the attachments being to large, and various reasons. We have found dropbox thus far eliminates a lot of these kind of small growth pains.

If a company buys a domain name for you, they own the domain name, and it’s often a way for them to trap you with that company.

We do NOT buy domain names for our clients, specifically for that reason, so, you’re not trapped.

We’re more than happy to help and coach you through how to buy your own domain name. icon_smile

You bring a friend on board with us, and we’ll pause your next month! icon_smile

Oh! We’ll also give them their second month for free too! icon_smile So, WIN WIN!

You’ll just have to let us know your friends details that has come on board though!

We also do have white-labelling services, where you can provide our services on your behalf to your own clients.

Our members are entitled to host their site with us, we have amazingly fast hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails hosted, and unlimited space, meaning your website can be as large as you want it to be and you don’t have to worry about increasing the space of your hosting as your e-mails and so forth fill up space.icon_smile

We also backup your website every 3 hours and keep the backups for 7 days, which is perfect for if you experience an unlikely, unfortunate cyber attack.

Prior to changing your hosting over, you will need to backup your e-mails, if you’re moving things over, as your previous e-mail host will be cut off once we update your existing.

We provide the infrastructure and set it up, however we’re not server or e-mail technicians, we can provide help where we can though! icon_smile

Yes, we can create you unlimited e-mail addresses when you’re hosted with us, and we also have unlimited e-mail space! icon_smile

Please do note that we’re not computer software support, meaning we can provide basic information on how to set up your e-mails clients, such as Outlook or Mozilla, but we can’t trouble shoot these for you, as we’re not software tech support, we’re more than happy to talk to you on the phone regarding your designs, concepts and anything regarding website development, however if your e-mail client is not working, the best we can do at our end is create a test e-mail account on your server and test it via webmail to make sure it isn’t a problem on the server.

In saying this though, we do the best we can at providing tech support and getting everything up and running smoothly for you, but our e-mail client software knowledge is limited as that’s not what this company is all about. icon_smile

We not do any copywriting; meaning we’re not responsible for any of the written content on your website. We not hold any responsibility for any of your content, spelling, or anything along those lines.

We may use temporary filler text to showcase where content may go and how many words are suitable, however any content written by us is temporary, and may not even suit the business we’re dealing with.

This can sometimes be confused as another language, it isn’t. icon_smile When a designer uses filler text, they can simply select an area and press ‘fill’.

We have no interest, motivation or time to steal your business idea, we’re busy enough as it is. icon_smile

However if you feel the need to send us an NDA / NDS agreement, it MUST be done so as an electronic document for easy signing, using a source such as echosign or docusign.

Unfortunately we don’t own a time machine, and cannot fax, not do we have time to print and sign documents for you. icon_smile

Also, we have no responsibility for if anyone decides to steal your ideas once your business model becomes public, which means, the moment a testing link is created.

This is a joint relationship with an equal share of responsibility. icon_smile

The more responsive you are, and the more cooperative you are, the faster things can move.

Although we do wish we had the ability to read minds, unfortunately we can’t, if you go missing in action, we can’t develop an entire website without getting a sufficient amount of information from you, if you go missing during any phases of the revision process, or design process we can’t continue without your approval. icon_smile

I know this is a bit of a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many people just say. “Please create everything for me” icon_smile

We’re a company of relationships, and a relationship is a two way street, meaning we need to bounce around ideas, and make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

Although, we absolutely don’t mind if you take your time getting back to us, and we don’t mind at all if you go MIA for long period of times, but just understand we can’t work on your materials if we haven’t had communication from you. For example, if we’ve sent you concepts, or revisions or latest designs and we’re awaiting your response, that’s where we’re at, we’re awaiting your response. icon_smile We can’t miraculously have a website built or have the final design files prepared for you if we’re awaiting your revisions or final approval. icon_smile

Sometimes, we enjoy staying up and working, as we love what we do, and are a little obsessed. icon_smile However, this is not to be assumed.

We too need to take time off, and have our own lives outside of the business. icon_smile So, Any revisions sent by clients will be commenced to within 24 hour of receipt, during the business hours of 0900 to 1700 (excluding weekends or public holidays). Meaning anything sent outside of the aforementioned business hours will not be attended to until the following business day.

Of course we’ll let you know if you fall behind, and if it’s becoming a bit of an issue, however if you’re not in regular communication or if your contact information has changed this can become difficult.

We understand sometimes life and the universe gets in the way, in a nutshell, we’ll let you become 2 months in arrears before deleting you entirely out of our system, we’ll then send you all your raw website files, so that way no work is lost. icon_smile

You’re more than welcome to come back though! And we’d love to have you back, but unfortunately we can’t keep working on your materials without payment.

We love having a healthy balance, meaning we have enough professionalism to do what is needed for us to manage staff and projects. We’re here to innovate, and not be robotic… unfortunately not everyone is going to love us. We’re always focused on being people first, and having a real connection with our clients and staff, meaning the human side of things comes first, which can sometimes mean we don’t want to always sign off our e-mails with “Yours sincerely” or “Warmest Regards”

We’re silly, we’re human, we laugh, we make jokes, we send memes to our clients, and if you don’t like us, you’re more than welcome to leave at any time, we do not trap anyone in with contracts. icon_smile

We’re creating a new industry, and we’re not here to fit in, we’re here to shake the earth, be awesome, and be most importantly, actually fun to talk to.

What Uber is to the Taxi industry, and what AirBNB is to the hotel industry. That’s what we’re creating ourselves to be to the Design and Website industry. icon_smile

You can join us or not, but don’t tell us how to run our business. icon_smile

We can develop in whatever Content Management System you like! Whether it be WordPress, Woocommerce or a combination of anything / everything. icon_smile That’s entirely fine! However, please do understand that Content Management Systems are just exactly that, they assist you in managing your content. There may be some revisions you wish to have that may require a developer or a designer, or both! icon_smile

We work together on making sure you’re 100% happy with the end result, and also coach you along the way about technological limitations.

There may be some things you want your Content Management System to do, that are just impossible.

This is something we don’t do, as the laws for these are very different for each country, and we’re not a government body, also… a few things to take into consideration, when you do have these things done, it costs a lot more than 3k for around 9 months. icon_smile

And, it’s actually pretty easy to steal businesses design work and manipulate it just enough to avoid copyright infringements.

This is just something to keep in mind, we do find this a little pointless until you become a super huge entity that has a legal team to take down someone trying to steal your visual culture.

We’re not responsible for if someone decides to steal any of your design elements and use them once your visual culture.

Unfortunately, if you’re deceased and have used your previous credit card from when you were alive, we’re not liable for if your previous bank from our realm decides to cancel your bank account, in this event we will need to pause any work and your membership until our banks can convert ghost money into a viable currency.

We wish you all the best in the afterlife.

Please, pretty please try to compile everything, such as design or revision requests to the same Email thread so no one accidentally misses any e-mails.

We cannot promise that revisions will not be missed if revisions or design requests spread out over multiple e-mails.

We also, utilise particular e-mail subject lines for our internal management, please do not change our e-mail subject lines when replying to our e-mails. icon_smile

If at any point during our relationship you’re not happy with our services, just cancel your membership and continue elsewhere.

We allow a paid trial of our services for 30 days, meaning if you hate everything we’ve done and haven’t had any raw or vector files sent to you, you’re more than entitled to have that month’s membership reimbursed.

Basically, you have a month to decide if our visions are aligned or not, beyond that point, no refunds can be given, because you’re leasing out our services, you’re not actually buying an end result, or a end product.

During the process though you’ll be receiving heaps of final files, concepts, and developed files, but we’re entirely not responsible if after a few months, something happens that you don’t like and you no longer wish to utilise us and start asking for your money back, that’s just a little unfair and silly.

If you have had final files / vector files sent to you, and you’ve actually been happy with the designs that have been sent, then of course we’re not going to issue you a refund.

If you have forgotten to cancel your membership and haven’t been utilising it, we will not reimburse you for your negligence.

Also, one of the reasons why we’re so cheap is that our business model is based on a delayed gratification model, meaning, our subscription service we don’t actually profit from until months and months into the future where you don’t utilise our services as much. However, sometimes we have clients that go crazy using our services, and that’s fine too. icon_smile

I hope that makes sense. icon_smile

We hereby exclude ourselves, our employees and or Agents from all and or any liability from:

Loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy.

Loss or damage caused by omission;

Loss or damage caused by delay or error, whether the result of negligence or other cause in the production of the website

The entire liability of our business to the Client is in respect of any claim whatsoever or breach of this Agreement, whether or not arising out of negligence, shall be limited to the charges paid for the services under this agreement in respect of which the breach has arisen.

A wise man once said, you can tell us yes or you can tell us no, but don’t tell us how to run our business. In a world where problems are abound we do not deserve to be at the receiving end of you venting your anger in relation to something you’re not happy about, there is always a way to discuss matters without being disrespectful to the other person or the company.

No one wants to talk to someone who is just going to yell at them, and listening to your abuse is extremely unproductive, each member of the Pink Zebra team has better more effective ways to spend our time, and more polite clients to attend to.

We will not reply to any abusive, disrespectful calls and/or e-mails, these e-mails and their content will be ignored including any revisions and/or requests. If you expect us to tolerate this, you’re definitely from another planet… we are more than happy to send you your raw files and terminate the contract without a refund, and you will be liable to cover any additional costs for work that’s provided or any additional work that is required from another company, competitor, coder, designer to finalize your project.

If we feel your slanderous tone is breaking any criminal law by harassing any staff member, 3rd party, other clients or using online media to affect the company’s brand, we would report this abuse to your local authorities to press charges and/or take any legal action required.

Any harassment of staff will also be reported to ACORN.gov.au and formal statements will be made with local authorities with provided details of the client.

Our company model is based around having one Project Manager per project.

If you contact a person who is not managing your project or call the sales & enquiries line, there is a chance the person you speak to won’t be able to help you, because they have no idea of who you are and don’t have access to your Project Managers e-mails.

There is only one person at a time you should be speaking to regarding the development of your project.

We only keep files for our active members, however we do not keep the multiple initial concepts, we only keep the chosen concepts and the latest revisions as we save over previous files to save space. Once you cancel your membership all your files with us will be deleted, so it’s important to make sure you keep and download all the files you need along the way. Your membership is paying for the hosting and server space you need, without your membership we do not have any server space for your files.

We don’t strive to have the most professional sounding e-mails, or systems, infact we strive to be unprofessional… meaning we are more human than some other professional companies, and how we do things, you may not like… and that’s okay! Not everyone is meant to get along! And, we’re not here to bend backwards and please you, a wise man once said, you can work with us or not… that’s entirely your choice, if you’re unsatisfied you can cancel at any point in time… basically we have amazing systems in place, and we’re extremely innovative and our we have a raving fan-base, however of course, some people really want to do things their special particular way which is just not a part of our systems.

We do take feedback onboard, and if you have an innovative way of doing things, we would LOVE to hear about it, however it doesn’t mean that we’re going to do it JUST for you… we have our systems in place, and we have them for our own reasons, because we have a lot of clients that we need to focus on so we need to prioritise what we find the most effective, and implementation of new innovative features is always on out to-do list, but we also need to take into consideration that how you want to do things, is not always going to be how all our other clients want to do it.

So, if we like your ideas, we’ll implement them, however we can’t promise that we will implement all your ideas, it just might be counter-productive.

If you’re one of those people that consistently calls, nags, e-mails, contacts multiple people in the company, writes on our walls, stalks our staff on social media, skype calls us everyday… (As funny as it sounds, about 1 in 100 people tend to do this)  We just won’t talk to you… or, we might just… break up with you. Like any logical person would do in this type of relationship.

You’re more than welcome to follow up on your project, that’s totally fine… this clause is more for the crazy type of client, the one that want to take everyone to court for everything, and blame everyone for how the world is showing up for them.  You know the kind right?

Basically, we love our clients… wait, I’ll reframe that… we love our awesome clients, and we have a lot of fun with them. But if you’re really hard to deal with and are consistently just not happy with how we work, then this company is not a right fit for you, this is also why we have a no minimum term, and the thing about how it’s a service… not a product meaning… you can cancel at anytime you’re not buying a product, you’re essentially just leasing us and our services on a month by month basis.

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